The Next Generation and the Future of Online Casino Gambling

young people online gamblingWhere is Online Gambling heading?
There are plenty of stats indicating that the growth of online casinos over the next few years is poised to accelerate. Why is this? Well you can look no further than the demographics of online gaming and the underlying trends that accompany them. The growth in online igaming betting is directly correlated to a new generation that both has more opportunity to gamble online and also finds old school land casinos “dingy” and not worth their time.
Online casinos have developed rapidly over the last decade. Research has shown that the industry nearly tripled in size from $20.51 billion in 2009 to an expected $55.19 billion in 2019 worldwide. The growth from a mere handful of online casinos at the turn of the millennia to thousands available today have paralleled to greater adoption of internet, in particular broadband access and mobile. From 2000 to 2018, adult access to broadband has gone from 52% to 89% in the US and mobile adoption in Canada went from 25 million subscribers to over 31 million subscribers from 2010 to 2017.
This is a major shift but access alone does not explain the growing popularity of online casinos. The continued mainstreaming of poker and fantasy sports has led to an increase in gambling but also the popularization of social media and gambling apps has had a dramatic effect on creating a new generation of gamblers.

old people in a casino A research article surveyed adolescents in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan and determined that 41.6% of all adolescents had gambled in the previous three months. Most was on sports betting but a significant portion, 9.1%, had gambled on internet poker and 9.0% had played simulated gambling on Facebook. This is obviously a problem and responsible, legal online gambling of only adults is the goal, but the trend is foretelling.

There is also evidence that millennials drastically favour online gambling. Half of all American millennials surveyed agreed that online gambling should be legalized there versus only 28% of the general population. They also had a much more depressing view of land based casinos and were the only age group, 18 to 34, that had that opinion, with 47% agreeing with it. Those under the age of 35 prefer to play slots on their mobile at home than visit a "dingy", old-school casino.

Land casinos have mostly been stuck in the 20th century catering to classic gamblers that have been accustomed to a particular environment. And newer generations are rejecting that style en masse. The growth in the quantity and quality of online casinos parallels this attitude and these statistics. Even the older online casinos have seen a recent need to refresh their look. The original casinos have all undergone modernization (see the logo changes as an example).

Spin palace casino logo old and newLand casinos have been slower to transform due to costs and, mostly, to avoid alienating their current customer base. Gambling overall is a $400 billion dollar industry with an eighth of that attributed to online gaming. But the number is poised to grow rapidly with the expected ratio to become closer to 50:50 in the not too distant future. Just how many online casinos are out there. Well major review sites list over a thousand but there are far more out there. They are just not appropriately licensed and most of these are scams. We have dwindled down those vast numbers so that you can enjoy reputable online casinos and participate in this great age of online casino gambling.

Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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