MuchBetter to Get Personal IBAN Services


MuchBetter casinoOne of the latest headlines to be making its rounds into Canadian media is a name we should all be getting acquainted with, MuchBetter. This personalized payment service has been infiltrating some of the most renowned Canadian online casinos. The reason? MuchBetter is an application that is used as a safe and trusted payment service, one that is efficient, fast and reliable, from users’ desktop or mobile devices.

The company was founded in 2017 and has since been a growing market for users seeking safe and secure transactions. The internet-based wallet has achieved incredible success in winning the 2019 MPE (Merchant Payments Ecosystem) awards. The prize is one of the most coveted in the industry, being Europe’s largest conference focused on obtaining new and innovative payment services and MuchBetter has made it publicly known that it is a force to be reckoned with simply by winning this award.

The brand is used both by businesses and individuals for personal purposes.

In addition to all of this, the ground-breaking service that is MuchBetter gets much better in that it has now activated a service that allows users to set up an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) directly from their MuchBetter accounts. This is bound to revolutionize the iGaming industry as the service can be merged with players iGaming accounts online. In addition to this revolutionary provision, there is more news; the service that will now be offered by MuchBetter is absolutely free.

How it works? In essence, users IBAN accounts function as a secondary bank account, one that can be used online. It is safer as users wouldn’t need to divulge their main personal account information. Players in the iGaming realm wouldn’t need to launch their MuchBetter application when indulging online; they could simply use their IBAN accounts instantly allowing them to make direct deposits. MuchBetter made a public statement saying that the service held no risk for users and those transactions would remain as they did whilst using the MuchBetter application. What has made it so safe is the direct connection to operators. They are immediately notified when an IBAN transaction has been processed, allowing for instant transactions.

Iban explained

MuchBetter is an international hit as the service can be utilized directly from one’s mobile device. Since the online gaming market is accessed by more than 60% of mobile users, it makes sense that the UK based company would extend its services to mobile users. All one needs to do is download the application from their online store and set up an account in order to process payments. The eWallet allows for faster transactions that could be the tipping point in the online gaming industry, every second counts for gamers.

When the service is launched it will initially be opened to the European market and eventually reach the Canadian market, revolutionizing the way Canucks play casino games online.

Casinos are now looking to adopt the IBAN service which will be interlinked to MuchBetter accounts. Already online casinos are utilizing the service. Players simply need to sign up with MuchBetter and then will be able to transfer funds from their main accounts into their MuchBetter accounts. When this step has been completed they are then able to make instant and safer deposits from their internet-based account into their player's accounts, eliminating the possibility of third party surveillance. Before any transaction is processed, mobile users are notified and requested to verify the transaction through the MuchBetter application. This additional step is fleeting and adds more security to each and every financial transaction made from players' mobile devices.

With the threat of theft, especially mobile users, MuchBetter has created a safe and secure payment method that uses state of the art security technology, deterring criminal activity on players accounts. Now, with recent news on an IBAN service, directly linked to MuchBetter, the iGaming industry will once again change and all in favour of the player. It has been said that the service will roll out globally in 2020, reach Canada by the middle to the end of the year. Needless to say, gamers and mobile users are eagerly awaiting the service, one that can be trusted and provide instant transactions when gambling at some of the best Canadian online casinos.


Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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