Top 5 Slot Machines in Las Vegas

Megabucks jackpot slot gameWhen gambling is in question, the first thing that comes to your mind is playing some slots in Las Vegas. The city that never sleeps or the “Sin City” like many gamblers call it, will offer you some big casinos that feature 1,000+ slots. If you are in a search for entertainment, you are going to enter the casino with the cash on hand, but there is the problem here. When you walk through the big rooms full with flashy slots, you are in doubt on which slot you need to sit and have some fun. Of course, the fun comes first, but the winnings are those that leave a significant mark.

Las Vegas Casinos have a good history of paying the lucky winners millions of dollars in cash. There is a list of gamblers who came out richer and with their lives changed from the slot machine casinos. So, if you want to be one of those players, you need to know which are the top 5 slot machines in Las Vegas. You have to start from somewhere. That’s why we made a list of these slot machines for you to try your knowledge and of course, luck.

Here we go:

No.1: Megabucks Slot Machines

The Megabucks slot machines have a long history of paying out the slot players through the history. It’s slogan “Dream Big, Win Big,” says it all as a lot of gamblers come to Vegas just to play and hope for one of the multi-million winnings. The biggest jackpot hit comes from a 25-year-old software engineer who turned a $100 into $40 million. He refused to say his name and who can blame him?

That’s a pretty good investment.

No.2: Magnificent 7’s Slots

These are one of the classic slot machines in Las Vegas. Almost all casinos you can find in this city feature a great hall of these machines. Once you enter the casino, you are going to hear the players already stacking some coins and claiming their free bonuses and winnings. The thing that makes these slot machines so popular among the players is the 97.4% payback. On top the best payouts at a casino, they offer players the choice of two payout versions: Coin payout and ticket-in-ticket-out payout.

No.3: Quicksilver Slots

These slots are famous among the players that enjoy in little bit more adrenaline play with the progressive jackpots. These machines will give you a wide range of choices as you can play nickels, quarters or dollars slot machines and seek for these huge wins. A full spectrum of these slot machines can be found at the MGM or Mirage.

No.4: Lion’s Share Slot Machines

It became a huge attraction for the gamblers because there is saying that these slot machines didn’t hit the jackpot for over two decades. However, this story was put to an end because a New Hampshire couple playing at the MGM Grand on these slot machines went home with a $2.4 million jackpot. Even though this machine finally did its first payout, people still play it as a great attraction in hopes that there will be another jackpot hit right when they play it.

No.5: Reel Millions Games

These slots are famous among those players who don’t want to force anything and proceed with small bets. There is a long walk through these penny slots, and you can choose from various slots that offer one winning jackpot of $1 million. Those players who manage to win on these simple slots, they will be handed with the million on the spot.

There you have it. Here you can find all suitable slot machines to play in Las Vegas. It’s now up to you and your available funds to enter the casinos and have some fun.

Are you the next jackpot winner? Which slot machines are your favourites?

Last Updated: October 13, 2020

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