What are Random Number Generators

Random Number GeneratorAnd Why Should You Care?
The online gambling community is growing fast as gamers want to avoid the crowd, noise, slot machine sounds, and everything that could mess with their focus. If you ask an online gambler what the random number generators (RNG) are, he will say that’s the brain of the slot machine. However, many of them are confused about understanding the term, how it works, or why should they care about it.
Let’s start with the explanation about how popular online casinos use RNGs.

What Are Random Number Generators Really?

The first thing you need to know about this is that the RNG represents a software in the online casino. The work of it is pretty simple, or we think it is. For an example of a slot machine random number generator, when you send the slots’ reels spinning, the RNG makes sure they stop at a random position.
Let’s assume everything is done properly without thinking about it being rigged.
It’s what online gamblers think of as a key to get the fair treatment and casino game online in all games. In other words, it’s what makes the online gambling in Canada possible.
If we dig deeper and see the structure of RNG, we are going to find sophisticated algorithms that produce numbers. They are not used only for online gambling. These algorithms offer various opportunities in password generator software, encryption software, video games, training simulations, and different other applications.
But, the name “Random” doesn’t really mean really random numbers. These algorithms are so sophisticated that they could give a broad range of possible numbers.

How do they work?

RNg funnelThey take a seed number and use the algorithms to release a new number, completely random, but based on the seed. From here, the new number which we got becomes the new seed, and the generator proceeds to generate a new number. The process repeats itself where every newly generated number is based on the last one. There is no chance for you to figure out the next number UNLESS you somehow predict the first ever seed number.

As you can see, the RNGs can predict and determine the outcome of casino games. Most of the gamblers believe these outcomes come as a result of chance or luck rather than a sophisticated and complex algorithm.

The Random Number Generators can be used in both online casino games and slots in regular casinos.

Is this Fair?

Well, if you play a internet roulette that is primarily based on the Mersenne Twister algorithm, it could be as fair as the real thing.

However, the more complicated the whole system is, the more chances are that the casinos will turn this into their favour. Everything can be done with third party applications. They could be able to change the whole sequence of these numbers. For example, if the casinos can remove some symbol-triggering numbers of a slot game for the jackpot, the new-born situations will start working to their advantage.

So, are they fair?

The only assurance you can get that everything is fair is if you play on the top sites that have passed the stage of third-party tests. That’s where you can get a fair trial and play the real game.

Why Should You Care About This?

There are lots of fraudsters out there. Even the smallest tweaks to the random number generators could mess up with your slot or online casino game strategy.

You should be aware that the game you are playing is not reacting on how much you’ve won or lost in the past few tries. It doesn’t care, and it’s not aware if you just began playing or you are down to your last credits. As you can see, there is something else behind this and the number or symbols you are getting are totally random and controlled by an algorithm.

So, you should put an end to using hot or cold coins, or “you filled up the slot machine and now it’s time for it to return the favour”. That’s nonsense.

Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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