Biggest Casino Jackpot Winners

Megabucks Jackpot ScreenshotWhen you go into the Casino, the first question you ask yourself is why are you there? – To make some cash or have some fun? While you are deciding what to answer to that question, some people are already paying big.

Or they cashed big.

Ever since I got into exploring the Casino and all of its roots, I wanted to know what are the people who managed to win big. As it turns out, there are a lot of them that won big and never came back through the doors of the Casino. I was interested more in these people and finding their story about what happened on the luckiest day of their lives. What I found here are five lucky winners who managed to bring home a fortune. I don’t know if luck or some cheating is going on here, but these casino jackpot winners sure love what happened back then.

Let’s check them out:

Casino Jackpot Winner #1: Mysterious Lady

There is a story about a woman coming to the casino and playing as an incognito winner. She refused to give her name and probably let her winnings to do the talking. Her casino career started when she won over $700,000 on the Wheel of Fortune Slot at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.

That’s not it. If you though that she is done here, a few months later she came back and took home the Megabucks Jackpot of $27 Million. I want something like this to happen to me twice a year. Or maybe at least once.

Casino Jackpot Winner #2: Amy Nishimura

What about this story about a retired homemaker coming from Hawaii. She was on a birthday holiday enjoying the beauty of Las Vegas. While she was staying at the Freemont Hotel in Vegas, she won a jackpot of $8.9 million on her favorite slot machine.

When you talk about your perfect birthday present, you must wish for something like this and go for it.

Casino Jackpot Winner #3: Elmer Sherwin

This is an interesting story about a war veteran. This is the 76-year-old Elmer Sherwin who wanted to get loose at The Mirage Casino in Vegas. As it says here, this was the opening day of the casino. He managed to win $4.6 million while playing the Megabucks slot.

Even though this is a life-changing amount of money, he continued to play the slots a few times every week.

And you know how persistence is always welcome, he won big again 16 years after the first big jackpot.

Only this time, he won $21 million in the SAME JACKPOT. Talking about luck, huh?

The story about this generous war veteran doesn’t stop here. No, he doesn’t win another big jackpot. He did something better. He gave most of his money to charity. This includes the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Casino Jackpot Winner #4: A Basketball Fan

This story is for a basketball fan who was bored waiting for the basketball game. He is a 25-year-old software engineer who wanted to kill some time and visited the Excalibur Casino. His bored time turned into $39 Million. I have no information whether he proceeded and watched the game or bought the whole team that was playing in the meantime.

This was one of the biggest payouts of all times here.

Wait until you find out how much money he inserted to play.

He put 100 bucks (yes, a $100) and unknowingly guessed the odds of one in 16.7 million.

Pure luck?

Casino Jackpot Winner #5: Cynthia Jay-Brennan

Last but not least, the big prize winner Cynthia. She was a cocktail waitress in 2000, and this was one of her regular days. She was playing a state-wide slot machine called Megabucks in Las Vegas. Winning the jackpot was the last thing on her mind, but it happened.

She won $34,959,458.56. The life-changing amount gave her wonderful nine weeks of her life. She married her boyfriend, celebrated the good luck, planned some destinations to travel with her husband, but…

Yes. There is a but in this story.

Nine weeks after the big payout, Cynthia was driving home in her new Camaro with her sister. A drunk driver with 16 prior arrests slammed into the car driving at a red light. Her sister, Lela, was dead on the spot as Cynthia suffered from a hard injury to her spine leaving her paralyzed. Today, she is in a wheelchair being able to move her shoulders and her arms.

Maybe other casino winners won a similar amount, but these are the ones that come with the greatest story.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019