Can You Make a Living Through Online Gambling?

Money gamblingThe most common question when it comes to gambling that doesn’t go with the easiest answer on earth. Many different opinions and experiences turn the attention to the positive or negative side of the story. It’s up to you and what you are going to choose to believe.

However, if you are looking for a strict answer and our opinion, then, yes. It’s possible to make a living through online gambling, but it’s not the easiest thing you can do.

But, ask yourself this. What comes easy and can you make a living from that? Some people who are already living from online gambling will tell you that they are doing great, but it was a long way home to achieve great things.

What are the odds?

I’ve said it a couple of times that the online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries. Online gaming transactions are constantly on the rise. They were $7.4 billion in 2003, while in 2015 they were $41.4 billion. That’s a big jump forward. So, with so much money going in, there must be away of that money to go out and make a living of it.

It’s not easy, but some professionals who already did it, want the others to do the same thing. They developed some strategies and systems you can follow. It’s not that they are going to make you reach or hack the system, but it’s how they did it by playing online poker, sports betting and different other casino games from home.

How they Managed to Beat the House?

It’s okay to think that the house always wins, but this phrase is not that accurate when it comes to online gambling. While all the applications or games were constructed carefully, there is still a possibility for a regular gambler to make a generous profit. However, you are the only one in this game, and you need to develop your system to make a living of it.

Baby Steps

The first steps towards making a living should be playing card games against less experienced players. Playing the slots can be more difficult as the numbers are coming in random order. The algorithm might not play your odds, and you are going to find yourself in a big slump. That’s why you need to go with more skill-based card games like online poker. There are lots of talented players out there who understand the basics of the statistical impact on the game and the elements of game theory. This gives them a significant advantage over less experienced players who are playing just for fun or something else. The real target for online gaming sites is more amateur players. However, this doesn’t mean that winning an online poker tournament will be a walk in the park. It still takes the time to practice for those who want to go pro, develop their skills, and participate in more challenging tournaments or games.

Is there Anyone Who Made a Living of Online Gambling?

Yes, there is. The persistence of Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker or Tom “Durrrr” Dwan gave the others something to talk about. Niklas earned about $6.3 million in 2013. While the other guy, Tom, won about $750,000 in 2013. There are losers and winners in every industry. Pick which side you are going to represent.

What About Online Slots?

There is a lot of skepticism circling online slots. They are not the same as you will find in the regular casinos. They operate differently. Online slots rely on random number generators, which are not that random. Gamblers’ destiny is in the hands of a sophisticated algorithm that determines a whole new sequence of numbers. So, if you want to win, you need to predict the outcome by deciphering these random number generators. Only a few gamblers can get close to these sophisticated algorithms and make a living. With 96% to 99% average payout, the slots could be a good option if you can predict the outcome better than an average user.

What Does It Take to Make a Living from Online Gambling?

If you are not one of those who has a few bucks and went online to have fun, you need to pay attention to something before you try your luck. It’s going to take time. That’s the first resource you need to have. With time, there comes patience. If you are patient enough, you are probably on the right path of achieving great things. You need to have some capital you can afford to burn to earn even more. You are going to lose money. Deal with that fast before you lose your mind over it. Treat the online gambling career as entering into a new business with money you can afford to lose.

Even the best gamblers out there have their bad days. Don’t give up if you want to succeed in this.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019