The Pros and Cons of Claiming Free Bonus Promotions

Play Club Exclusive Bonus home pageYou are playing your favourite game and all of a sudden there is a screen showing that you won a bonus. That’s wonderful. The casino finally thought about you, and you are now one spin away from winning big.

Wait. Is this the thing you’ve been expecting so far?

The problem I always have with these bonuses is that they are so unbelievably generous just to lure you into signing up. The free spin and bonus cash are so good when you are a new player entering the casino. It’s like catching a fish for the first time. The casino is throwing the hook with a couple of big worms, and gamblers can’t wait to catch it with their open mouths. Hold on. There is plenty of meat for everyone. On the other hand, hey, they are promotions and usually given in the form of free money or free spins.

So, the real question here is are they worth the risk and what the casinos really mean by throwing bonuses at players.

Here are the pros and cons of claiming free bonus promotions.

The Pros:

The first thing you need to know about these free gifts is that they don’t come that often. Sometimes when you wait for them to come and save you from the big slump, they will be late. Free bonus promotions are something you will welcome with open arms whenever they chose to come. Online and mobile casinos are grabbing their opportunities for players to claim free money to sign up and make their first deposit. Bonuses of free spins are both great ways for the new players to test the new games in the casino, or for existing players to get a glimpse of how it’s like to grab a bigger prize.

Some casinos even let the new players win something out of these bonuses to lure them in. This is when the fish is already on the net. So, if your cash after you deposit is $50 rather than $25, you have a little time more to make some profitable hands and enjoy the whole experience for a longer period.

The Cons:

When you talk about the cons, you are going to get the feeling that the bad things overflow the right things of these free bonus promotions. The best online casinos in Canada will make sure they give you the terms and conditions in an easy to understand format. There are some things you should be aware of while claiming these free gifts:

Wagering Requirements:

Before you burst into joy for getting the free bonus, check the background and find the wagering needs of the bonus.

New gamblers rush into claiming them without knowing much about these demands. Once you checked what you need to do or how many times you should play the bonus before you can withdraw the winnings, go ahead and see if you need to claim it or avoid it this time.

Some things to look out for:

Coin Value and Slot Limitations

Very often, the casinos are releasing bonuses with low coin value. What did you expect, to win big with a bonus? – That’s not what runs through casino’s blood. But, the good news is: it’s not impossible if you have your luck on your side.

Once you get the free bonus, and you are about to claim it, check where you can use it. There are slot limitations, and there is a possibility you can’t use it on your favourite slot.

Time Limits

If you got the feeling that free bonuses are all about restrictions and requirements, maybe it’s because they are just that.

The time limit is probably the worst thing here. Once you accept a bonus, you will be given a particular time frame to win it over. The time is set for you to use the bonus or meet the wagering requirements so that you can take it.

So, you will probably have a week to meet the wagering requirements on it and if you can’t do it, the free bonus will go away.

Be careful.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019