Some Tips and Strategy for Winning at Slots

Because who wants to lose?

loose slots signKnown as the most efficient way to give your bankroll a healthy lift, slots is one of the easiest yet rewarding casino games in the gambling field, regardless of whether you play it in a land-based casino or online casino. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that slots are now a staple option for many casino players around the world, including those in Canada.

Whether you like to max bet on a great progressive slot in hopes of winning the big jackpot or you prefer to play according to a strategy to try and win slowly but surely, everyone should have a game plan.  There are thousands of slot games to choose from so, to start, you need to choose one that is both fun and will pay the winnings.

While slots are indeed a game of chance and most likely always will be, there are a number of proven strategies that can not only make your playing experience more enjoyable, but also help you produce more winning sessions. The key is to have a proper strategy in place and stick to it no matter what happens! So, read on, as we discuss how you can improve your chances of winning at slots.

Beating Slots

He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

Have you ever heard of this age-old idiom? Well, when it comes to casino games and slots strategy in general, this tried and tested advice holds particularly true. If you want to stay and progress longer in the game, one of the most important things you need to do is be choose a slot machine that suits your budget.

After all, it is inevitable that the higher the bets you make compared to your bankroll, the sooner you will have to get off the slots stage and stop for the day as you are bound to run out of money.  Many players make the mistake of getting cocky, complacent and therefore start taking unnecessary risks only to get burn out quite early in the evening.

One amazing thing about slots, though, is that you have a very wide betting range which means you can bet from anywhere between a few cents up to $100 per line. Therefore, even if you have a small budget to start out with, you will still be able to get a lot of playing time to give yourself the opportunity of hitting a jackpot.

The basic rule you must adhere to when playing slots is: Always decide how much you can afford to lose BEFORE you actually start playing. It’s of utmost important to be patient, reasonable, and level-headed so that you are able to stick to your decided budget - this is absolutely necessary if you want prolonged play of slots on your favorite online casino!

Slots Strategies

Bankroll Management

Undoubtedly, bankroll management is the most important strategy for you to follow when playing slots, or any other casino game for that matter.  You should determine a fixed amount of money that you are willing to lose well before you decide to sit down and play a game of slots. Without successful bankroll management, you are most likely to lose your money eventually.

So, once you have determined a budget, make sure you are ready to lose that amount of money. If not, however, you should reduce the amount to something you are more comfortable with. In addition, it’s important that you don’t have access to any other source of money as you play - only use the bankroll you have decided, nothing more and nothing less!

Game Selection

If you are a regular slots players, you probably have heard the term “variance”. For those who are new to the game, variance in this context can be taken to mean the same as “risk”. This is because when the slot is high variance, it is seen as a high-risk machine as there are longer dry spells with bigger prizes, whereas a low variance slot offers lower risk as it will give you smaller prizes more often. Keep in mind, though, that risk element associated with a certain slot doesn’t affect the expected payout.

Most slots have an expected return rate of anywhere between 93% and 97%, whether they are considered to be low or high variance machines. The variance, however, will affect how the game pays out, which in turn, has a domino effect that will help dictate the bankroll you require, the amount of money you should be wagering per spin as well as how quickly you will run of money if you don’t win big. Therefore, by knowing the variance of a slot, you can plan a proper slots strategy before you play.

Set Your Limits

You may have come across many people who never leave the casino as a winner. Heck, it could probably be you too! This person will often win mini jackpots, and even the odd large jackpot, but somehow they always end up giving it all back to the casino. Now, why is that so? This mainly happens when he game is played erratically. They may randomly increase your session time or jump to a higher denomination and in the end come always home with nothing.  However, if you set your limits and follow them, this person will never be you.

If you decide to double your bankroll and session at any given time, put your winnings in a safe place where they will not be used, and return to the game with the original session amount. After your session expires, cash out and all that remaining money should go into your ‘win’ pile. Remember, you have already determined the number of sessions you are going to gamble beforehand, and have enough money for each session. Always keep your winnings aside, so that you have something in your pocket when you leave the casino.

Final Word

Moreover, with that, we have come to the end of this article! However, before we wrap up, it’s important to mention that the advice above isn’t going to guarantee you a win. It will, however, make your playing experience an enjoyable one and probably bring you more winning sessions. All you have to do is have a sound strategy before you start a game of slots, and stick to that strategy no matter what happens!