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With the use of  phones among online gamblers on the rise, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile casino gambling is growing at an exponential rate these days. More and more people are gambling on their  phones, and why wouldn’t they anyways? Online gamblers don’t always have access to their desktop, and since most of them carry their phones with them wherever they go, they are understandably delighted to be able to play their favourite casino games on their tablets or phones.

Realizing the potential of mobile gambling, many top online casino sites have created special mobile casino apps that can easily be accessed from almost any kind handheld device, whether you are a Google or Apple fan or whether you use own a Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry. With the growing number of online gamblers slowly yet surely switching to mobile online casinos, we have discussed just about everything you should know about mobile casino apps for your better understanding:

Downloadable Mobile Apps

With mobile apps available for just about everything these days, online casinos too have started offering apps for their gaming platforms. Whether on the Apple App Store or Google Play, the most definite advantage of mobile casinos is the ability to play your favourite casino games whenever you want to, regardless of your location, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Knowing that you are just a few swipes away from enjoying great entertainment, anytime, is actually what makes mobile casinos so great.

Another benefit of downloadable casino apps, which isn’t technical oriented, is that most online casino operators are pushing great promotions and bonuses specifically for their casino app in an effort to attract more players. Do you know what that means? Yes, there is a lot of extra value and not to mention, free casino spins that you can take advantage of - all you need to do is play through your device!

The biggest disadvantage, though, is that not all casino games available on your preferred online casino are offered on its casino app yet. As of now, it seems like not many online casino operators are taking the initiative of expanding their game selection in their app version. However, as time goes by, more and more online casino sites are going mobile and we can expect a wider range of casino games in the future.

There is also the question of security when it comes to playing through mobile casino apps. In this modern age of smartphones and tablets are more exposed when it comes to viruses and malicious software as compared to your computer. This issue, however, was much more prominent in the early stages when  casino apps started hitting the market. Since then, online casino operators have taken large precautions to prevent third parties from accessing their casino app.

Instant Mobile Casinos

Does your favourite online casino not offer downloadable mobile casino apps? Well, that shouldn’t be much of a problem! How? Well, all good online casino sites usually offer a no download service that allows you to play video poker, roulette, slots, baccarat and other casino games through the web browser of your device.

By playing your favourite casino games instantly online, you may have to compromise in terms of navigation and graphics. It still, however, provides you with a means of gambling on the go. Also, did we mention that you don’t need to download cumbersome apps that clog up your tablet or smartphone’s hard drive?

Instant mobile casinos in Canada are also easy-to-access and work across various platforms, which is another huge advantage.  The games offered on these casinos load up quickly, but they often tend to feature a smaller range of games than downloadable mobile casinos. But, despite that, playing at instant mobile casinos can be a great way to play, especially if you don’t like installing software on your mobile phone.


With the advent of mobile casino banking, the days of paying an online casino through your desktop are long gone. Today, making a deposit or withdrawal through your mobile phone is straightforward and effortless - all you have to do is access your account from your smartphone or tablet, choose a payment option and follow the instructions!

Depositing at mobile casinos is extremely safe as the same state-of-the-art systems used in desktop versions are utilized to keep your information protected. Moreover, since you don’t have to enter your credit card information multiple times - as mobile banking uses a centralized method for deposits and withdrawals - you can rest assured that once you enter your payment information it will remain secure from there onwards.

Game Selection

As mentioned earlier, game availability is one of the downsides when it comes to playing on mobile casino apps. You have access to a wider range of online casino games when you play through the desktop version of your favourite online gambling site. This downside is widely recognized, and often discussed among online gambling circles.

Realizing this, many top online casinos are making every possible effort to provide players with access to many games as possible to capture more of the market. More and more games are being added with each update and special emphasis is being placed on game selection when it comes to gambling through mobile casino apps.

Of all the games on mobile, online slots perhaps play the best but that does not mean that others do not do well. Blackjack, Poker and even Roulette and Craps have standalone apps that work well.

As constant improvements are being made with time, it can safely be said that mobile gaming is here to stay. We can expect mobile gambling to increase over the years, and become better and more versatile with the passage of time.

Final Word

As you can see, mobile gaming gives you the opportunity to enjoy many advantages. Not only can you play your favourite online casino games on the go, but also have access to safer deposit and withdrawal methods thanks to mobile banking. However, if you haven’t yet tried playing through a mobile casino app, we highly recommend you do as you will have the convenience of playing the best online casinos whenever you want, regardless of your location, and take advantage of the many bonuses and free spins that are on offer.

Last Updated: September 19, 2019

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