Most Common Techniques People Have Cheated Slot Machines

casino slots top onlineYou should expect that every game out there has cheaters. It’s how people think they can take a shortcut and beat the game alongside the gamblers. Even though the whole population thinks gambling is not a good habit, the cheating should be even worse. There are still tricks and techniques people use to cheat the casinos. However, the casinos have unique methods of discovering these cheaters and make them pay for it.

In the history, many people found a way to cheat slots. Most of them are nearing their extinction, but still, casinos didn’t find a way how to beat them, only to catch them. Sometimes I think casino managers are leaving the gate open on purpose just to catch these cheaters and bring them to daylight. Those players who are going to be caught will never see the inside of a casino ever again.

Let’s check some of the most common techniques people were using to cheat the slot machines.

Cheat Code

This was the trademark work of Ronald Dale Harris. People might recognize him as one of the most talented software engineers working for the Nevada Gaming Commission. He was programming computer chips for slot machines. So, in his work, he decided to leave something to be a signature of him. The code was activated by entering a particular combo of coins.

Let it be Light

When the whole technology got updated, the slot machines started using the new optical sensor technology. It was an opening gate for professionals to invent something and cheat their way through the winnings. Tommy Glenn Carmichael found a light that could blind these small sensors and cheat.

Fake Coins

It was the con artist called Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio that came out with the idea to make these fake coins. This led to his arrest in 1998 and released 8 years later. And what a professional con artist do? – he restarts his work and starts cheating again. It wasn’t long enough before he was caught again.

Shaved Coins

As the technology was going forward, the slots started using a light sensor to register the payments. If you take a large number of machines, this payout sensor was working independently and had nothing to do with the physical comparator.

This was a good opportunity for the con artists to send down a shaved coin with an object that matched the size of a stake coin. The slot will return the shaved coin while the object will get stuck in the machine and start playing.


Nope, you won’t be able to slide down a yo-yo down there, but I know something else you could insert. If you attach a string to a coin and send it into the machine and wait until the machine starts the game, you will cheat the slot. Once the game starts, you just pull the string and continue to play.

Top Bottom Joint

It’s a smart technique made by Tommy Carmichael and Ray Ming. The famous duo created this trick by using a guitar string and spring steel. It was an interesting method to trip the switch using this steel and make the slot release its payload.

Monkey Paw

It was a simple method used in the early decades of casino gambling. It was a mechanism that used a piano or guitar string attached to a bendable metal rod. Once the cheater insets it into the machine through the air vent, he uses the mechanism to find the switch can release the coin hopper.

These are the seven most common techniques cheaters used to get a load of winnings. As I said earlier, the casinos know everything about these and closed every opening.

My advice would be to not do anything and find yourself locked up in some of the prisons. No one wants a cheater.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019