Online Scratch Cards

Do you fancy trying your luck to win big? Then, there’s no better way to do that than buying a scratch card and seeing if you can multiply your money! Ever since the inception of instant win games, the concept has grown to become extremely popular among gamblers, and with the introduction of online casinos, scratch cards have now taken to the virtual world by storm, offering the same excitement of the physical version that too, without the mess created from scratch card shavings.

It doesn’t come as a surprise as to why scratch cards are so popular among Canadians. After all, not only are they a quick and cheap form of gambling, but also provide a quick turnaround and instant gratification that most gamblers crave today. And of course, the cash prizes they offer go way beyond the six-figure range! TopOnlineCasinos lists the best scratch card casinos to play at, and discusses everything you need to know about them for your better understanding:

Top Scratch Games CasinosMarch 2017
Logo of Royal Vegas casino 1200Bonus120 free spinsPlay now
  • 10+ scratch cards on offer
  • Nice design & cool features
Royal Vegas review
Logo of Jackpot City casino 1600Bonus80 free spinsPlay now
  • Plenty of scratch cards available
  • Pick & scratch for some fast action
Jackpot City review
Logo of 888 casino 1500Bonus$88 No deposit Play now
  • Some nicely designed scratch cards
  • Simple but exciting gameplay
888 review
Logo of Spin Palace casino 1000BonusPlay now
  • Pick your price
  • Scratch instantly with the flash casino
Spin Palace review
Logo of Betway casino 1000Bonus20 free spinsPlay now
  • A lot of Microgaming scratch cards
  • Use your bonus & scratch to win
Betway review
Logo of casino 3200BonusPlay now
  • Selection of Playtech scratch cards
  • Many popular themes featured review

How to Play

To begin playing the game, you have to purchase scratch cards from the online casino, place your bet by clicking on the minus or plus button, and as the name implies, scratch away the surface to discover the symbols hidden underneath. By getting the right combination of symbols, you win a cash prize which is multiplied depending upon what symbols you get, such as 50X, 10X or 1X.

You can scratch away the surface of the card and reveal the hidden symbols by either clicking on the ‘Show Card’ button, or using your mouse pointer. Most players consider the latter to be more fun because it allows the suspense and excitement to build up as you reveal the symbols and hope for a winning combination.

However, if you are looking for an efficient and quick way, the ‘Show Card’ button is particularly useful as it lets you scratch the entire card at once. In order to win, players need to get three of the same symbols on their scratch card, and if they do, the winning combination is immediately highlighted on the screen for them to see.

If players get three 1X symbols, they win the amount they betted. If players get three 2X symbols, they win twice the amount they betted - and so on and so forth. The biggest win you can land in an online scratch card game is 50 times your bet. If you are lucky and get three 50X symbols, you win 50 times the amount you betted!

Scratch Cards Odds

If you are looking for a game where your odds of winning are higher than usual, then you should visit your favorite scratch card online casino! This is simply because scratch cards odds beat other casino games by far. Are you wondering how? Well, since scratch cards utilize fixed odds, the odds put in place by the online casino are always 100% definite, which in turn, increases your chances of winning.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the odds of a scratch card are mainly dependent on the amount you paid to purchase it. While scratch cards that cost $1 have a reasonably high win ratio, the payouts for these cards barely exceed the four-figure range in terms of jackpot. A scratch card that costs $10, on the other hand, has a considerably higher set of prizes to offer.

Sure, both types of scratch cards will offer players jackpots, but let’s face it - you are very unlikely to win a more lucrative million-dollar jackpot through a $1 scratch card, as opposed to a scratch card that costs $10 or even more. Although the latter may carry low odds of winning, their life-changing payouts are exactly what make them worth the try!

Variations of Scratch Cards

Today, scratch cards are available in many variations and wide collection of enjoyable themes, ensuring players will never find it difficult to find a scratch card game that will suit their interests. The best online casinos have developed scratch card games based on movies, sports, fantasy and so on. In fact, scratch cards are also combined with other casino games like video poker and roulette to make matters more interesting.

If you are a sports enthusiast, scratch card games like Goal Kick, Darts and Road Racing will plunge you into the centre of action. For fantasy lovers, scratch cards such as Esmeralda and Knight’s Battle, among others, will take you into the fantastic world of imagination. Casino scratch games like Lucky 21 and Roulette give you the ultimate casino experience in a scratch card environment, whereas slot scratch games such as Monte Carlo and Monaco Glamour allow you to spin and win.

Bottom Line

Online scratch cards have become one of the most popular forms of gambling for many Canadians out there, and much of this has to do with its relatively lower cost, simple learning curve, and not to mention, immediate results. While the odds of these games can be somewhat unpredictable, by keeping yourself informed and approaching a scratch card game with the right strategy in mind, you can secure a winning combination and walk away with a life-changing jackpot.

However, don’t know where you should be playing online scratch cards at? At Top Online Casinos, we provide a regularly updated list of the best scratch card casinos to play at for your convenience! Feel free to refer to the table above every now and then to know about our recommended scratch card casinos!

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