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Yggdrasil Gaming is a software developer that rightfully thinks of itself as a superior online and mobile casino game developer. Having deemed themselves the underdog among giants of the casino software development world, it’s hard to argue with the self-assessment as this plucky puncher has been delivering knockout releases that, at times, make the big dogs seem like lightweights in terms of game design. The difference lies in the way that Yggdrasil games, as well as, a few other developers go about their business. For instance, these guys aren’t really interested in rehashing formulas that have been seen before with the intention of making a profit. Yggdrasil as a whole has been found to be steadfast in its belief in creating something more creative and artistic, not to mention, worthwhile.

For a developer that only popped onto the scene as a licensed company a few years ago in 2013, Yggdrasil has been pretty productive when it comes to its output. The volume of games that a company releases isn’t the real achievement in this industry. It’s easy to put on a fresh coat of paint on an older game and re-release more of the same games. The real achievement is launching quality content in high volumes.

New Yggdrasil Slot Releases

Here are a few of the newest unique launches from Yggdrasil that prove that this is a company that, although small, is still able to hold its own in this business.

Aldo’s JourneyYggdrasil Aldo Slot

Aldo’s Journey is an Yggdrasil Gaming release that has the player follows the game’s character named Aldo in his search for treasures. Aldo is an adventurer and merchant and players can join in his travels in this fun-looking slot with cartoon-style graphics. Don’t let this description of the graphics fool you, this game has been excellently designed which means that these graphics fit perfectly with the overall theme and design of the game. As can be expected from Yggdrasil, this game is unique enough thanks to its different features that players will enjoy its gameplay.

This slot is available to play on PC, mobile, and tablet devices. During the game, you will join Aldo’s travel to four different locations (China, Persia, Mongolia, and China) which are represented in the background of the game. This game comes with walking wilds and five different free spins features.

Release: Nov 2019

9k YetiYggdrasil 9k Yeti Slot

9k Yeti is released by 4ThePlayer as an exclusive design for Yggdrasil Gaming casinos. This 4,096 ways to win slot is one of a couple of games that have resulted from this partnership. The Yeti theme is pretty obvious throughout the game and beyond this fun theme, this game is an epic adventure that includes a rewarding free spins feature that can award players up to 880 extra spins. There’s additionally an exciting Snowstorm feature that involves losing extra spins getting swept around to score players a win. This part of the game is highly volatile.

Being available on PC, mobile, and tablet devices, this game has been developed so that it’s adaptable and offers the same quality gameplay no matter which screen you’re looking at. This being said, there’s something extra attractive about the setup of this game when it’s in portrait mode on mobile. All in all, this game is engaging and offers unique features for players to enjoy, not to mention the potential for some pretty mountainous ways.

Age of AsgardYggdrasil Age of Asgard Slot

This slot forms part of a larger group of slot releases from Yggdrasil, many of which have Norse mythology-inspired themes. Based on the look of this game alone; you can tell that this game is a special game. This is then later proved by the two different game areas and bonuses that also blend together at times. You can experience the action of this game while on your PC or while you’re on the move as the gameplay is adaptable to tablet and mobile devices. Included in the gameplay is a double slot mechanic, free spins, respins, clashes, and expanding sticky wilds. When it comes to the variance of the game, it’s roundabout in the middle with potential payouts of up to 2,444 times your wager on each spin or Ragnarök free spins.

Lilith’s InfernoYggdrasil Liliths Inferno Slot

Lilith’s Inferno is the sequel gaming in a series by Yggdrasil while at the same time, this game is also a collaboration with the studio Avatar UX. Keeping close to the fantasy genre, the graphics are vibrant and the quality thereof is just as good as the first game of the series. Overall, this slot presents itself as an interesting game to try out.

Available on all desktop and mobile devices, the game graphics referred to above look good no matter how you access the slot. The immersive gameplay is all about the free spins feature that has the potential to award players with rewards by first making you fight four bosses to turn them into wilds and potentially more free spins. There is additionally a three times multiplier to be won for cash prizes that are 3,968 times your wager on each spin.

Sahara NightsYggdrasil Sahara Nights Slot

This game brings to life another version of the beloved fictional character Aladdin. This visually pleasing new release form Yggdrasil features all the symbols and colourful graphics that you would expect to go with the theme of the game. These include magic lamps and treasures all set in an Arabic theme which as you can imagine looks gorgeous.

In this game, players go in search of gold and wishes. You can expect expanding wilds, a free spins feature, and other special features that offer potentially big prizes. This is a medium to high variance slot that offers immersive, as well as, enchanting gameplay.

Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine SlotYggdrasil Nikola Slot

Nikola Tesla, the mastermind behind the scenes of modern electricity, is one of the most celebrated inventors throughout history. Now, nearly a whole century after his passing, this slot celebrating Tesla has surfaced along with exploding wilds, wild substitution, reel clones, and free spins with level-ups. Set in the inventor’s lab, the visuals of this game are dark and sinister which adds to the thrill of the gameplay. The symbols that cover the reels of this slot are all befitting of the theme as there are stopwatches, goggles, capacitors, and an assortment of other devices used by Tesla.

This game release is thanks to a great collaboration between Yggdrasil and Rabcat Gaming. A medium validity slot, this game has the potential to award pretty decent wins. Being inspired by an innovative legend, it’s fitting that this game is available on all mobile and desktop devices. This game comes with a megavolt mystery that will intrigue you as you score prizes along the way.

These are some of the latest and greatest slots that have come from Yggdrasil Gaming. Trying any of these titles at the best online casino in Canada is unlikely to lead to disappointment as they all carry the potential to earn players big wins, as well as, interesting and unique gameplay opportunities.

Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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