eGaming Revolution from Betsoft: MAX QUEST: WRATH OF RA

Max Quest Wrath of Ra slot game

Is this the future of eGaming at the casino?

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is the latest gaming sensation from Betsoft casino gaming software that was launched in 2018. The game has been said to be the beginning of a new era of gaming amazing players around the world. The much anticipated game is an action packed, and this multiplayer gaming creation with RNG is bound to become one of the most popular fair play online games in 2019. eGaming has begun to revolutionize how games are structured and developed, changing the way players interact with casino gaming brands. So what makes Max Quest: Wrath of Ra so uniquely intriguing? Check out what the game has to offer, the gameplay strategy and how RNG gaming works.

What is RNG?

Before going into the amazing development of a revolutionary new game, we take a look at what RNG gaming is and how players benefit.

Online gaming programs aiming for fair play, integrate a Random Number Generator (RNG) into the software to determine the outcome of winning combinations or really just any kind of win. RNG games provide players with the knowledge that each outcome is unique and trusted.


The ancient Egypt theme has come to life with the best high definition graphics any player has seen before. The imagery is crystal clear and the sound quality transports players amidst a battle field of mummified fighters. Players are heavily armed and even more heavily rewarded when they annihilate mummies set out to defeat them through active shooting and weaponry.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Gameplay

Max Quest Wrath of Ra action sequence

Unlike any other video slots game before its time, Max Quest:Wrath of Ra, is one of the most interactive video slots games boarding on a console gaming experience. Betsoft has managed to create something that is believed to begin a trend amongst competitive brands.

At the beginning of the game players are greeted with 5 bet options ranging from 0.25 to 1.00 displayed over different avatars, the biggest and best being Ra himself. Once a player has selected their preferred stake they are taken to the next screen where they are trained to destroy the enemy through a series of selective weaponry and advanced shooting skill. The cursors of the keyboard have never been this activated before and shooting fire is only the beginning stages of fun.

Once the coin amount has been selected players are required to choose a room in the stage. Each room accommodates a maximum of 6 online players and each bullet adds to the cost of the game. Select the number of bullets before progressing into the actual game where all the fun awaits.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra delivers its fascinating graphics and interactive gameplay of 5 reels and 3 paylines however the controls don’t feature a spin options. Rather than spinning the reels, players aim on the targets and shoot them for wins, and rather than landing winning combos players are rewarded for each killed target. For each nemesis killed the players skills are increased and rewarded accordingly. The opposing enemy offers 7 levels of prizes so each enemy should be defeated 7x before claiming massive cashback rewards.

No bonuses are unlocked during the game as the base game has enough features to keep players going for hours. The refreshing approach to online video slots gaming takes the mind to a console style game which doesn’t require bells and whistles as there are already enough. The winning combos are represented by the number of enemies hit and reveal hidden cash prizes as they are shot.

Special Features

For each bullet shot a feature can be activated. Players needn’t focus on aiming on enemies as the game is high intensity and based on ‘spins’ so shooting is just one part of unlocking special features. Shots missed transport players back to the base chambers or ricochet a does the bet amount. Hitting the target isn’t absolutely necessary but if players want to win real cash aim is king but getting past the madness of the shots is nerve wrecking!

As players hit their targets they advance to different levels or rather progress into the rooms on the screen to unlock hidden bonuses and prizes. Multiplayers fight off the enemies as players make their way and work as a team to unlock more coins.

Fire Enemies–When one enemy has been taken out the Fire Enemy feature is activated at random and player's winnings are increased. The more shots fired during this round awards players with greater awards. During this round players can win up to 5000x the bet/bullet amount chosen.

God Events – A random special feature, the God Event, can be activated randomly at the end of each round. The last players standing in the room will be granted the opportunity to take on the main enemy, the Pharaoh god. Once the Pharaoh has been destroyed players are able to collect unique treasures to boost their bankrolls immediately. The awards given to players are based on their bet amounts, or rather the amounts of bullets purchased, before the special feature has been activated. The winning prize is then divided by the remaining players left in the room however the better players aim during this round the bigger the cash prizes awarded.

Special Weapons – Players are required to purchase certain weapons. Each one offers a different impact of shots fired. The better the weapon the higher the wager but also the better the winnings. This feature also allows for players to change up their game to explore different features of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra.

Is This the Future of eGaming?

eGaming is multiplayer events and has been introduced to video slots gaming. Never before have players seen something as interactive with video slots gaming than Wrath of Ra. The major success of the game has players wondering if this is indeed the future of eGaming and if it is, which it very well may be, video slots gaming will change the gaming industry entirely.

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Last Updated: July 20, 2021

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