Top 5 Most Popular Themed Online Slots

casino slots top onlineThe online world of gambling comes as this fantastic place where you can find endless creativity and a good time. Some of the most popular slot machine games are in Vegas. Who can fly to Vegas every week? Sometimes it’s busy because more and more players are turning their attention to the online slots. It’s faster, quiet, and trustworthy.

A regular player will think that this is just about the jackpots or the reels. The real thing here would be that it’s so much more than that. The developers of these online slots went “crazy” with their exciting content to keep the attention of the player and make him stay focused only on the game. So, if you are more about playing something that will open the door for you into an unforgettable journey.

We have exactly what you are looking for right here. We compared the top five themed slots you can choose from available online.

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra online slot game logoPlaying different online slots like epic or fruit related slots will give you a fantastic time, but none of them come close to the Cleopatra slots. It’s not just about the whole story behind the famous queen of Egypt, and it’s about the content they have to offer. They include many free spins, bonus games, or wildcards you can use in the game. One thing that fans of these online themed slots love are the coin wins and multipliers.

If you love playing shiny symbols and massive jackpots, you can go with the Cleopatra slots.

Magic Slots

avalon logoIs there anyone out there that don’t love the excitement of magic? – Everyone does. These magic slots were made to turn your attention and let you be the first person that will experience the magic from up close. The magic slots are one of the most popular video gaming slots in the whole gambling universe. You need to bring your “A” game with all those tricks up in your sleeves like powerful wizards, rabbits in the hat, and crystal balls.

These slots are full with bonus features and free spins.

Find your favourite developer and search for these magic-themed slots.

Blockbuster Slots

gladiator slot featured imageCasino movie lovers reunite. These blockbuster slots will treat you with respect for your knowledge and will test it out, as well. There is a long array of movie slots around that will give you a pleasant experience from the popular 80’s action movies to some new and modern blockbusters right now.

No matter what developer you are going to choose for these themed online slots, you will always be greeted with wild cards, scatters, lots of bonus games and free spins.

Fantasy Slots


If you want to wake up your imagination and start to fantasize, you need to get into these fantasy slots. They have everything you need to let go your mind into another world. Several themed games catch the right momentum and get you into the whole action. Some of them come with a goal, and that’s what players love. So, if you need to assist the prince of darkness and root for him, you do that through a great game full of bonuses and free spins.

Fantasy slots take on a wide range of custom themes like medieval times, vampire themed slots and some more modern surreal themed slot games.

Adventure Slots

Tomb Raider slot gameWe all have that adventurous spirit in us if something knows how to provoke it. Take these adventurous games for an example. If you are ready to go on an unforgettable journey and feel like your favourite character, there are lots of games from the online game slots developers that will get your attention. Just like the other slots, these adventure themed online slots come full with bonuses, free spins, and quests.

If you are just starting to gain the right experience playing online, you need to start with these popular slot machines. They will offer you the knowledge you need going further. If you already played online slots and want to switch to another experience, try these five favourite slots at the best online casinos in Canada. You won’t regret it.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019