Traditional vs. Sticky Bonuses

Bonuses - presentThe online gaming casinos are constantly on the rise as more people are willing to sit at home and avoid the noise and crowd in the regular casinos. However, there are thousands of casinos online a player can choose from. To be on top of their competitors, these casinos are offering big fat bonuses to lure the gamblers.

What you have to know about this is that some of these bonuses come without anything attached to them, while the others are a little bit demanding, or as the industry call them “sticky.”

That’s the purpose of this post today. We are going to take a look at what the traditional and sticky bonuses mean, which one is better, and what to know before claiming them.

Traditional Bonuses

These are the bonuses added to your deposits. Sometimes online casinos refer to them as the welcome bonus, but players are going to find them as regular promotions. They often come with cash match amounts and free spins from the casino. When you come to an online casino, it gives you a certain amount of deposit and places it into your account. Once you meet the criteria of these bonuses, you are going to be able to withdraw the bonus along with the winnings.

Playing with Traditional Bonuses

Players think of it as the “real” money and is entirely different than the sticky bonus. However, even this gift comes with some low requirements.

The majority of these traditional rewards come with a “chip on their shoulders” that require from you to complete a game or deposit a certain amount of money so that you can cash it out. You can use this bonus for wagering, though.

On top of this, the casino has the right to put restrictions on which games you can play with the bonus and on which you can’t. And here lies one of the differences between traditional and sticky bonuses.

Sticky Bonuses

The sticky bonuses are more like leverage. You can’t withdraw them at any point of your playing time. So, there is no cash out for these bonuses. However, the sticky bonuses are here indefinitely which explains why they are called sticky. You are going to see the amount stuck to your account and can be there for an extended period of time.

Playing with Sticky Bonuses

As I said earlier, you can’t take the sticky bonus home. But, you will be able to keep all the winnings you earn while using this sticky bonus. That’s minus the amount of the sticky bonus. Let’s go through this with an example:

Let’s say you put a wager of $1000 ($500 of sticky bonus and $500 your money). If you lose the wager, you only lost only the money that came out of your pocket you deposited (that’s half of your total bet). On the other hand, if you won and you managed to double the balance, you added cashable money to your account as the sticky bonus can’t be withdrawn. This means that the earnings are yours to keep minus the sticky bonus amount ($500).

So, you are using the sticky bonus to increase the waging power and maximize the effectiveness of your bets.

Which one is Better?

It’s pretty tough to say which one is better as you are going to find both of them valuable. It depends on personal standards whether you want to withdraw them or use them for bigger winnings. A lot of gamblers love the traditional ones because they can take out the amount, while the sticky ones are just bigger.

With that being said, the casinos offer the traditional bonuses like 100% while the sticky ones range from 200% to 400%.

If you ask us, the sticky bonuses could be the better option as the traditional ones have some further requirements you need to meet.

What to Know Before You Claim Traditional and Sticky Bonuses

While all other bonuses a top online casino offers to you need to be earned before you can claim them, the traditional and sticky bonuses only require you to sign up and make a deposit. Both of them come with small requirements before you can claim them. You need to play through the wagering requirements before you can claim the winnings or withdraw the bonus.

Last Updated: March 27, 2019