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The growing popularity of online gambling and betting has resulted in many casino game aficionados to slowly turn towards computers, laptops, and smartphones for playing at home, at work, or while on-the-go rather than visiting actual casino dens. Players have the choice of playing a huge collection of their favorite games, which include Bingo, Keno, Poker, Slots, Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack and Baccarat. They also have the option of playing one of the most popular games on the internet, Video Poker.

This game combines the style of a slot machine with the basics of poker game to provide you a fun twist of casino gaming. This is why the number of people playing ‘online video poker’ in various internet casino establishments has been on a constant high. The game proves to be incredibly popular and exciting, offering players from around the world to win spectacular jackpots, bonuses, and promotions. In fact, video poker is one those very few games where the potential of earning amazing winning exists.

Depending on how much of a risk you would be willing to take on and if you are able to play a perfect strategy (the house edge will disappear), your average return can be above 100%. This isn’t an easy edge to find in many casino games. However, the results may vary depending on the casino you are playing at. For more information, take a look below to learn about the top rated video poker casinos, rules of the game, odds in video poker, and the different variations.

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Top Rated Video Poker Casinos was created so that people from Canada wouldn’t have to suffer in selecting the right casino for their gaming needs. We value our Canadian users and all of our recommendations are strictly based on convenience for them. Take a look at the table above to gain information regarding the best Video Poker Casinos where you can play games at.

Rules of Video Poker

If you are looking for purely mathematical thrill at online casinos, then video poker is definitely the best game for you. However, if you haven’t played the game before, it is important that you know about the rules. Typically, many people play the game because it bears resemblance with other famous poker games like Five Card Draw, Stud, Omaha, and Texas Hold’Em, but in reality these games are incredibly different than video poker.

Typically, when you play a video poker game at an online casino, the first step players need to make is the placement of bets. Since this is the ‘computerized’ form of poker, the betting is usually completed by transferring your money through an online portal. Once the bets have been placed, the casino software will automatically draw the cards. If it is not done automatically, you just need to make a simple click on the labeled button for “draw cards”. All cards are then randomly drawn.

You can choose to discard some of the cars in the first draw, or even all of them if you can’t make sense of whether or not it will make a good hand. Then you follow the procedures to receive new cards (second and final draw). This is where the strategy element of the game kicks in and players must contemplate smartly to create a good hand. An examination of cards has to be conducted and then decisions like which cards should you hold onto, which cards should be replaced, and which cards should be discarded have to be made.

The ultimate aim in video poker is to increase your chances of ending up with a “good hand” that would subsequently determine you as the winner of the game, as opposed to your opponent. To determine how much you win, each online video poker machine shows the payout for different types of poker hands. This gives players hope of earning a prize. The best part of video poker is that you are responsible for controlling your fate.

Since video poker is one of those games where you play against a machine (rather than man against man), you can’t use sophisticated strategies or moves that you may have been using before when playing against people. For instance, you can’t bluff your way to a win in video poker or play the game as you would in a slot machine. You create your hand of cards and so does the computer. Winner is determined by who has the best hand!

Odds in Video Poker

The different poker hands from the highest to lowest are: royal flush (a Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, all suited), straight flush (five suited cards in sequence), four of a kind (four cards of the same rank), full house (a pair and a three of a kind combined), flush (five cards of the same suit, straight (five cards in sequence; an Ace can be high or low), three of a kind (three cards of the same rank), two pair (two cards of one rank and two cards of a another rank), one pair (two cards of the same rank), and high card (when no pair is formed).

The odds completely depend on the way you play though many poker machines require the minimum hand to be a Pair of Jacks or better for you to win something. However, there is a question that is on most peoples’ minds when they begin playing video poker: how frequently do various jackpot hands occur? While you can win small prizes here and there, the numbers are on average based on the casino you play at. Nevertheless, below are good benchmarks to which you can set your expectations when you begin playing the game.

Variations of Video Poker

Joker Poker

In this fun and entertaining variation of video poker, the Joker acts as a wild card. In order to receive a payout, you need to get a pair of kings or better. By using a basic strategy, the expected return with this variation is 100.64%.

Deuces Wild

In this variation of the video poker, there are only two cards considered. A natural royal flush which is far more valuable with a 4000-coin payout and a royal flush comprised of one or more wild card paying 125 credits. By using a simple strategy, players can earn an expected return of 100.71% - meaning you have a greater edge over the house.

Jacks or Better

As the name implies, this game doesn’t deliver payouts until and unless you get a pair of jacks or something higher. It is also commonly referred to as “Draw Poker” and delivers an expected return of 99.46% if you create a good hand strategy.

Bonus Poker

This version of video pokers includes a number of four-of-a-kind payouts and offers a full-pay of 8/5. By using a sensible strategy, players can earn an expected return of 99.17%. It is easy to play and probably one of the most profitable variations of video poker.

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is an advanced version of the bonus poker, offering a full-pay of 10/7 if you win. Players are required to draw jacks or better. However, if you want the largest prize, four-of-a-kind hands guarantees 100.17% expected return.

The Bottom Line

Video poker is without doubt an incredibly fun and exciting game to play, especially if you plan on getting jackpots and large payouts. All you have to do to win is get a better hand than the computer, but you need to do it smartly to ensure you don’t end up on the losing side of the table. So, if you want to play video poker, make sure to visit one of our recommended casinos (mentioned above).

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