What types of credit cards do online casinos in Canada support?

Online casinos in Canada typically support Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Some places may also accept American Express and Discover cards, but not all spots will support these choices.

What information will you require when getting your credit card ready?

You’ll have to provide your card’s number, expiration date, and CVV or other three or four-digit security code when providing this card info.

Can you save your credit card data on your account?

You have the option to save your card data, but be sure when doing this that the casino offers enough protective measures to keep your card data from being exposed to other people. The best idea is to avoid securing your card data online for your general protection.

What is the fee for a credit card transaction?

The fee will vary by site, but it will be a few percentage points of whatever you are depositing.

Why do online casinos charge fees for credit card transactions?

Casinos in Canada will charge fees because they have to pay a credit card processing company for processing payments. The transaction fee is necessary to offset those charges. The convenience of using a credit card may also be a point.