How can I check the value of Bitcoin?

You can check the value of Bitcoin by going on various websites that list current prices. is one useful example.

What fees are involved with Bitcoin transactions?

Online Canadian casinos will not charge money for Bitcoin transactions, but an exchange or wallet might impose specific fees. Check with a wallet or exchange for details on what fees are necessary.

Are there limits to how much Bitcoin you can transfer or withdraw?

The rules for how much you can handle at an online Canadian casino will vary by site. Check the terms listed on a site for details.

Can you use other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin in Canadian casinos?

Some Canadian online casinos also accept alternate cryptocurrencies, but the options will vary by site.

Are there any special bonuses available for Bitcoin deposits?

Some websites may offer exclusive bonuses for people who use Bitcoin to complete a deposit. Casinos often do this because they don’t have to spend extra to facilitate Bitcoin payments, plus the transaction process is easier to handle in most situations.

Can you withdraw your Bitcoin as actual Canadian dollars after taking it out of your casino account?

You may be able to withdraw your Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM. There are many Bitcoin ATMs that can help you deposit and withdraw Bitcoin into an existing wallet, plus some will help you transfer your currency into real Canadian dollars. But there are often fees associated with this point, as ATMs need money to stay operational.