Where can you buy Flexepin vouchers?

You can buy Flexepin vouchers through online platforms like Dundle or from assorted physical retailers. Canadian Tire is the most prominent place where you can buy a voucher.

Can you reverse a Flexepin transaction?

Flexepin transactions cannot be reversed in most situations. You can contact a merchant who sold a Flexepin voucher for a reversal, but there are no guarantees that will work.

Can you reuse the same PIN for a voucher?

You can only use the PIN for a voucher once. Once you use the PIN, the monetary value is redeemed. This feature is necessary for ensuring the security of the Flexepin system.

Are there fees associated with using Flexepin vouchers?

Flexepin vouchers are subject to convenience fees charged by retailers. The value of the convenience fee will vary over how much you spend. A $20 voucher comes with a $1.95 convenience fee, while a $500 voucher has a $15.95 fee.

When will you get your voucher after paying for it?

Your Flexepin casino voucher will arrive in an email address you provide. The address should match what you submit when paying for the voucher. You’ll also use that email address to validate your identity before you receive your voucher.