Using Flexepin Prepaid Card at the Casino

A great deposit method for Canadians
Flexepin prepaid vouchers are fairly new, having only launched in 2015. However, its parent company, Flexewallet has been operating since at least 1996, making it a long running online payment system with a solid track record. Flexepin is one of the latest in a number of prepaid online payment systems and follows the same basic recipe, allowing users to purchase PIN protected vouchers from a wide variety of real world retailers as well as online partners.

Perhaps one could say that Flexepin’s pin purchase gambling nearest rival is PaySafeCard, another one of the most popular prepaid online payment options available to Canadian online gamblers. Both use pre-loaded payment vouchers, both use long string digit PIN numbers to protect their users, both allow near-total anonymity when using them, both are secure and easy to use. But which one is the best one for you?

Flexepin casinos Canada

Top Online Flexepin Casinos

Rank Casino Bonus Visit Info Review
1 $1600 Play Now Offers Flexepin deposits and more Hundreds of Microgaming games
Jackpot City Canada
2 $750 Play Now Flexepin casino with modern design Toll free 24/7 phone support
Ruby Fortune
3 $1200 Play Now One of the first to offer Flexepin Excellent banking options in CAD
Royal Vegas Canada
  • Simplicity – Flexepin is very easy to use and one can purchase prepaid vouchers from a variety of sources – 5/5
  • Charges – In most instances, Flexepin is free of additional charges – 5/5
  • Safety – Flexepin uses a sophisticated 16 digit PIN code to protect every prepaid voucher and has no personal information – 5/5
  • Availability – Flexepin is still fairly new on the market but is available from a wide number of outlets and partners – 3.5/5
  • Speed – Deposits will reflect in your Canadian online casino instantly – 4.5/5

Why Use Flexepin at an Online Casino

The Flexepin prepaid voucher system is ideal for use with online Canadian casinos for a number of reasons. For one, Flexepin is popular throughout Canada and obtaining Felxepin prepaid vouchers is easy and convenient. It only takes a few minutes to purchase one or more Flexepin vouchers from participating retailers or online partners. Once the prepaid vouchers have been purchased, they can be stored away until needed and, thanks to a comprehensive sixteen digit PIN code, are safe and secure at all times. A number of top Canadian online casinos are accepting Flexepin prepaid vouchers for making secure deposits with them, and there are many more that are adding Flexepin to their roster of premium online payment options. Additional benefits of using Flexepin at online casinos include:

Pin Purchase Gambling

Flexepin is one of the leading prepaid online payment systems for pin purchase gambling that is ideal for making online casino real money payments and competes with its nearest rival, the PaySafe casino option, as the top prepaid option at online casinos in Canada. In some ways Flexepin beats PaySafeCard simply because the amounts that can be purchased with Flexepin are higher than PaySafeCard. Currently Flexepin allows users to purchase up to $500 worth of vouchers. This is a full $400 more than what PaySafeCard currently allow.
Since both prepaid options allow users to purchase up to ten prepaid vouchers, Flexepin’s total purchase limit is a lot higher than PaySafeCard, making it an ideal option for Canadian online casino gamers who like to go big. On the other hand, the low range would perhaps suit PaySafeCard more, since Flexepin’s minimum purchase amount is $20, compared to PaySafeCard’s $10.

Simple to Use

Flexepin prepaid vouchers are very easy to buy and to use.

Safe & Secure Transactions

Thanks to its comprehensive sixteen digit PIN code, Flexepin prepaid vouchers offer a very high level of security.

How to Deposit with Flexepin?

Using Flexepin to make secure deposits to your online casino account is very quick and easy to do, making it ideal for Canadians who are looking to get things done with as little fuss as possible. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes to complete once you have your voucher or vouchers in hand and are ready to upload to your online casino account. To begin, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Your first port of call is to any one of the hundreds of Flexepin outlets scattered throughout Canada or from select online resellers.
  2. Purchase the amount you would like to deposit into your online casino account.
  3. Visit your online casino and head over to the cashier or payment options page.
  4. Select the Flexepin option from your available selection of deposit options.
  5. Wait for the prompt and then enter the amount you would like to deposit.
  6. Again, wait for the prompt to enter your unique sixteen digit PIN number.
  7. Confirm your entries to compete your transaction.
  8. That’s all there is to it, your deposit should reflect instantly and you can get back to playing your favourite online casino games.

How to Withdraw with Flexepin?

As with most prepaid card online payment systems, Flexepin cannot be used to make any cash withdrawals from your online casino account. However, most Canadians do not really find this to be a problem and simply use their debit card or eWallet to make secure withdrawals from their casino account.


While Flexepin is still considered to be the new kid on the block when it comes to safe prepaid online payment options, it does offer virtually all of the same services and features as PaySafeCard. It has a higher maximum purchase amount, making it the ideal prepaid option for high rollers, although more conservative purchasers may find its minimum purchase amount not low enough.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022