Where can you buy NeoSurf cards?

Neosurf cards are available online and through various retailers around Canada.

How can you check the balance of a NeoSurf card?

Visit the Neosurf website and use the check balance feature. Enter the Neosurf voucher number to see what the balance is.

Can you get a refund on your NeoSurf voucher?

NeoSurf sellers cannot refund codes people have already purchased. This rule helps prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.

What should you do if your Neosurf payment hasn’t gone through at a casino?

Contact your online Canadian casino’s website for help if your voucher payment hasn’t been credited. The site should check with NeoSurf to confirm the validity of the voucher.

Can a NeoSurf PIN work more than once?

The NeoSurf PIN attached to your account will keep changing with each transaction. This measure is necessary for security purposes. You cannot customize the specific number you want to use on your NeoSurf account.