If PayPal is accepted at various online casinos worldwide, why isn’t it available at Canadian online casinos?

PayPal is accepted on gambling sites in well-regulated markets. Canada supports offshore gambling, so PayPal has been blocked from use for deposits and withdrawals at online Canadian casinos.

Can you use a VPN to get around national blocks and use PayPal?

Online casinos and payment platforms are capable of identifying when someone is using a VPN to get around geoblocked systems and services. Avoid trying to use a VPN in this case.

Can you use PayPal elsewhere in Canada?

You’ve got many options to consider when using PayPal in Canada, including using it for paying for services and products on many sites. You can use PayPal for transactions at places like Walmart, Roots, Overstock, and Sephora.

Can you use your PayPal account for Amazon orders in Canada?

You can use the PayPal Cash Card for Amazon transactions in Canada, but you cannot use it to make direct payments. You could also acquire an Amazon gift card through another platform that accepts PayPal transactions.