Does it cost extra to use Citadel for online banking?

Citadel will not charge extra for online banking services. There is a small fee necessary for wire transactions, but that is the only exception to this point.

If you have to provide your banking info to Citadel to use it, do you also have to provide that banking info to an online Canadian casino?

Citadel is the only group that will require your online banking info. You don’t have to send those details to the casino to make it work.

If Citadel isn’t listed as a banking option at an online Canadian casino, what should you do?

The odds are Citadel will be accepted as an “online banking” option even if the site doesn’t specifically list Citadel. Check our listing of casinos in Canada that accept Citadel payments for details.

How long does it take for your money to go from your Citadel account to your Canadian casino account?

It takes a few minutes for your funds to get to your account in most situations.