Malta Gaming Authority: Trusted Casino Licensing

Today, one of the most important aspects to consider of an online casino is the license it operates under. There are many different licensing bodies to choose from, some offering excellent service by keeping casinos on track with strict rules and regulations and some that don’t respond to player complaints or perform the testing required that ensures gaming and services remain of the higher quality.

The Malta gaming authority started out as the type of casino license that lets just about anything slot, meaning players didn’t have access to a trustworthy casino experience. However, in recent years, they have stepped up the level at which casinos qualify for their licenses while also removing a large quantity of casinos that did not provide what they promised.


Casinos operating with a multi a license cater to various international regions, which is why it is important to know what this licensing body represents and why it is worth choosing casinos with the Malta gambling stand of approval.

Malta License

As some would know, Malta is a Mediterranean Island that is home to a large variety of online and land-based casino establishments. The licensing body was introduced in 2000 with the goal to regulate gambling and allow online casinos to cater to various international regions. As mentioned, the first few years that not provide any security or trust regarding fairness as the MGA didn’t respond to player complaints to perform tests to ensure casinos are being fair. Instead, they allowed casinos to cater to players using just about any software. The only real requirement was for casinos to provide industry standard security levels.

Malta Gaming Authority Casinos

Today, casinos operating under this license need to adhere to many terms and conditions as the Malta gaming authority now implements strict rules and regulations for each aspect of the casinos operating under their license. These licenses are controlled by the Gaming Act of 1998 but more specifically under the Gaming Authorizations Regulations 2108. Therefore, the MGA has become known as one of the strictest and most recommended licensing establishments in the world and those casinos that use them have an extremely low likelihood of being a scam.

Casinos have to follow the area’s rules and regulations that are tested at complete random. It also includes hefty penalties for casinos that fail to meet the requirements while operating under an agreement. Therefore, the best Canadian online casinos carry the Malta seal of approval and offer gaming software that has been approved by the MGA as well.

This means casinos that obtain this license don’t just need to meet the requirements for security and promotional fairness but need to provide gaming software that has a certain level of fairness and quality.

Why Choose MGA Casinos

As a player seeking out a Canadian online casino, the Malta licensing logo is sure to provide great benefits to your gaming opportunities. Many online casinos catering to Canada don’t manage to meet the requirements of this highly regarded license, which is why they choose licenses other than the UK and Malta.

Casinos that provide excellent fairness and keep to the rules tend to include the Malta license in addition to other agreements. The information has to be available at the bottom of the website and include the licensing number that allows players to confirm the authenticity of the license on the MGA website.

MAlta licence casino

This licensing number is also used to log complaints against the casino, which can be done by players from around the world. Once a complaint is made against an online casino, the licensing body investigates the matter and takes further steps to ensure it is not repeated. Therefore, casinos under this license are always improving as the MGA eliminates all possible forms of fraud, unfairness, tampering with games and irresponsible gambling.

You can access the MGA complaint form here.

MGA Gaming Software Licenses

Canadian online casinos wishing to operate with a license from Malta need to include gaming software that has been approved. Developers would approach the Malta gaming authority and of fame a license off to the team has tested the games to ensure the right software is used for random payouts and that payout percentages meet the minimum requirements.

With this addition, casinos manage to introduce an even higher level of fairness as gaming software is tested independently from the casino itself. This means the games you find at casinos with an MGA license have passed the tests and provide fairness on a level that meets the highest standards.

Join A Malta Gaming Authority Casino Today!

With the excellent level of service the MGA introduces with casinos today, you cannot go wrong by choosing an establishment that follows the rules and regulations. A casino with a valid license can already be seen as a major advantage as the licensing body incorporates various testing, which is performed at complete random.

Discover the advantage of playing with casino software that is 100% fair and tested on a regular basis to ensure only the best gaming experiences. Choose from various reputable online casinos with this license and you’re bound to see the difference. Check out our casino reviews to see those with Malta licensing.

Last Updated: June 27, 2023