How can i use Interac online at a Canadian casino?

✅ Sign into an interac online account .

✅ Log into your online casino account and head over to the cashier section to collect your winnings.

✅ Choose Interac to withdraw your winnings from any Canadian online casino accepting Interac online
✅ Confirm personal details & enter amount.

✅ Collect & Enjoy your winnings.

Are Interac Online Casinos Safe?

The Interac network of banks is one that you can trust for safe and secure transactions.
It might just be the safest place to gamble in Canada, with its emphasis on security when dealing digitally via e-wallets or credit cards!

Are Interac Online Casino Deposits Allowed in Canada?

The only place where you can use Interac Online is in Canada and it’s available solely for Canadian Gamblers.

Is Interac e-Transfer the same as Interac Online?

The difference between Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online is that the former requires you to enter a security question and use an email Address  for your recipient, while in contrast it’s not necessary with Interac online transfer.