Do you have to sign anything to use a prepaid card?

You can sign the back of your prepaid card if you wish, or you can use it to automatically agree to the terms and conditions of your card. There are no rules stating you absolutely have to sign something.

Can you reload your prepaid card?

You can reload your prepaid card, but the rules for doing so will vary by card. There might be limits over how much you can load or how many times you can load funds onto it.

Are there any fees associated with using a prepaid card?

There might be fees for acquiring the card and activating it, but the terms vary by card.

Are there any prepaid cards available from groups other than Visa or MasterCard?

Most prepaid cards are from Visa or MasterCard, so it’s best to stick with those. American Express does have some prepaid cards, but their fees are higher, plus there’s no guarantee a casino will accept payments from that card.

Can I qualify for a bonus on my Canada casino deposit when I use a prepaid card?

The terms will vary by casino, but you may qualify for various bonuses. But you’re more likely to get one of these bonuses if you’re depositing at a site for the first time.