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Gambling Guide-chips and diceCraps is one of the most iconic of all casino table games and, just like roulette and blackjack, has been featured in countless movies, books and in general pop culture. While the game is ranked among the big four, blackjack, roulette poker and craps, many still find the game enigmatic and mysterious. This has led to many potential Canadian craps players being put off trying the game at top Canadian online casinos.

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The truth is that craps is one of the easiest online casino table games that you could ever play. The game offers good odds and a range of betting options that will suit all levels of craps players, from beginners to advanced players. The game of craps is also one of the most exciting of classic casino table games and offers a fast and lively pace. In fact, if you visit a real brick and mortar casino, you will no doubt see a crowd of people around the craps table. This is where the yelling and whooping happens and the game is ideal for players looking for more action at the casino.
Online craps could well be your undiscovered gem and, after familiarizing yourself with our in-depth online craps guide, why not try a few free games at one of our recommended Canadian online casinos? Craps is very easy to play and, along with online blackjack, offers some of the best odds and lowest house advantage of any online casino game outside of slots. If you are unsure of which online casino to try craps in, be sure to read our in-depth reviews which will guide you through the best and worst of each of our recommended Canadian online casinos.

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Rules of Online Craps

Craps explained in 4 easy steps:

craps1Step 1:

There are plenty of online casino software providers that make great online craps games. Top brands including Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft and others offer easy to play craps games with good odds and a relatively low house edge. Once you have chosen your craps game, decide on a chip size that you want to play with.






craps2Step 2:

As you can see from the above image, the different chip values can be selected at the bottom of the screen. If you are a new player it may be a good idea to start with the minimum chip value until you get more comfortable with how the game works. At first glance, the craps table looks quite complicated, with plenty of names and betting options to choose from. While this may at first seem overwhelming, the betting options are actually quite easy.

Basic craps betting options include:




craps3Step 3:

After deciding which bet you would like to try, place your chip on the space provided on the craps table. The next step is to get the game going by clicking on the ‘roll’ button. This will tell the game that you are ready for the dice roll. Once the dice has come to a stop, the result is revealed in the bottom left corner. If you didn’t win, try a different bet. It is all about experimenting in the beginning and it may be a good idea to play free craps games until you find how all the bets work out.





craps4Step 4:

Trying a different bet option in the above image resulted in a win for us. You can decide to keep your chips on the table or bank them. Another option available is to clear all of your bets and start again. The table also shows you all of the number combinations possible and their relevant pay out amounts.




Online Craps Strategies

craps strategiesOnline craps strategies are quite straightforward and you can also include a basic betting strategy such as the ones used in roulette or blackjack. However, these are betting strategies and can be applied in conjunction with our basic craps tips below.

To begin, it is advisable to find free online craps games while you are still in the initial learning phase of playing craps. This is an invaluable strategy as it will give you plenty of time to learn how each of the bets work in craps, from the most simple to the most complicated craps betting options. You will then be able to learn without the pressure of worrying about losing any of your money unnecessarily.

One of the best bets that you can start with when playing a game of craps is to bet on the Pass Line bet during the Come Our roll. A good basic craps strategy is to also split your bets up. A good example is to place a single bet on the Pass Line Bet and two bets on the Come Bet. Another important aspect of good craps strategy which is often overlooked is to practice good bankroll management. This is especially important in the beginning, while you are still trying to build your craps bankroll.

Best Craps Bets

Whether you are a seasoned pro or have just started out playing online craps, the best bets you can place are the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line as they offer the lowest house edges of 1.41% and 1.36% respectively.

When you bet against the run of play, this is known as Betting against the Line. The odds of winning with this bet are slightly better, but not that much, as it offers a house edge of only 1.40%. However, you should be wary when placing this bet as this means you will be betting against every other player on the table.

Other good craps bets that are available out there for players to use include Place 6, Place 8, Buy 4 and Buy 10. The best craps players always prefer to buy a 4 or 10 as it decreases the casino’ house edge and brings more money in your pocket. Placing the 6 and 8 is also a good option because it carries a house edge of as low as 1.5%.

Many players are not aware of the fact that some bets such as Laying the Odds and Taking the Odds drop the house advantage to essentially nothing. But to place these bets, players must previously place the minimum bet on Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, which gives the house a marginal advantage overall.

Worst Craps Bets

Your odds of winning with a Field Bet are worse than flipping a coin. While they are 16 ways to win on this bet, there are also 20 ways to lose! Sure, the payout looks amazing on the table, as you get paid double on the Numbers 12 and 2, for instance, you have a worse than 50/50 win loess ratio. For this reason, you should avoid Betting on the Field.

Players should say ‘No’ to the Come and Don’t Come bets as well. Wondering why? Well this is because of a few reasons. Firstly, they are even money bets; secondly, the same number has to be rolled twice to win money once; thirdly, the player loses their money if they roll a 7 on the Come Out. With all of these odds stacked against you, it is evident that both are not advantageous bets to place.

Proposition and Hardway bets should also be avoided no matter what. They are a complete recipe for disaster as you only have one chance, or one roll, to hit these numbers, putting the odds in the favor of the casino and not you.  Generally, Hardway bets pay 7:1 and 9:1, while Proposition bets pay 4:1, 7:1, 15:1 as well as 30:1. With the chances of winning with these bets so slim, you are better off playing your game without them!

Top Craps Tips

#1: Establish a Bankroll Management System

When playing a game of online craps, or any other casino game for that matter, it is extremely important to have a bankroll management system in place to ensure that you do not end up spending more money than you are willing to.

With so many different types of betting options available in craps, you can potentially have hundreds of dollars at risk, even if you place minimum bets. If you are not careful, you can blow your bankroll quite easily.

Establishing a bankroll management system will help preserve your cash. For instance, stick to placing the best craps bets and limit each bet to $3. By having such rules in place, you can enjoy your game of online craps without worrying about breaking your bank.

#2: Play Free Craps Games

If you have just started out playing online craps, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the game before you actually place real money bets. With a house edge of as high as 14%, you really would not want to put your hard-earned money at risk!

One of the best ways to learn the rules of the game as well as practices different strategies is to play free craps games on online casino sites. They are far less intimidating because they is no real money involved, and you can simply learn without any pressure.

Many online casinos offer free craps games out there. While some will require you to register to the casino, others can be played directly via your web browser or even your mobile device on the go.

More on craps odds

Craps is one of the most popular types of online casino games among Canadian players. One of the main reasons for this is that the game offers some of the best odds of any online casino game as well as a pretty low house edge. Craps offers a wide range of betting options and these bets range from really simple bets to more complex bets. These bets also influence the house edge as the easier bets will give you a better house edge than the riskier bets will.

An example of this is the Pass Line Bet which offers the lowest house edge in the game of just 1.4%. This is also why it is the bet that is most often recommended to beginner craps players. As you choose riskier bets, the house edge percentage will start increasing quite dramatically. A good example of this is the Big Six and Eight bets, which feature a house edge of 9.1%. Another example of a high house edge bet is the hard 4 and the Hard 10 bets, featuring a massive 11% house edge.

Reasons to love online craps:

Some things you may not love:

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